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At Exceed Tree Care we offer solutions for some of your frequently asked questions. This is just one more way to show that we care  and want our customers to feel satisfied . If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at any given time. We provide tree removal and tree pruning services throughout Atlanta, GA.


What Should I look for In a tree company?

When you are in search for tree services, superiority, dependability, and experience are three key factors to explore. Gaze for professional certifications and licenses and, most significantly, experience and reputation. It is furthermore important to look for a company with an vigorous and hostile protection platform. Our employees are skilled in safety, and employ to be very knowledgeable. It is very essential that any tree company you choose to do commerce with have all the precise insurance in place.


Why is it Necessary to trim my trees?

Tree trimming is conducted to minimize tree-related power outages and to protect local residents. It also reduces the risks of fire. When a tree limb comes in contact with an energized power line it results in a "short circuit." This may be instantaneous, causing the power to blink for just a moment, or it can result in an outage leaving several customers or streets without power.


When is the best time to prune?

The ideal time is when the tree is dormant, which is late fall to early spring. Since the tree is not active, the removal of limbs will be less stressful to the plant. It is also easier to see the structure of the tree without its leaves to better find problem areas like rubbing branches, weak crotches, cracked or broken limbs and competing leader branches. The tree will have more time to seal the wounds before the growing season starts and there will be less sap running from the wounds. The worst time to prune trees is late spring and early summer when their leaves are expanding and the tree is putting its energy toward growth.

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